30 ianuarie 2011

Round metal box

This small round metal box has a layer of wire on the body and a little crochet flower in the same color. The top has a crocheted circle in two variations of wire. 25 RON

Jewerly boxes

  These jewelry boxes made out of board looked a bit rusty, especially since they were brown, so adding a bit of colour was the first step into transforming them.                                                                              

The flower box has a layer corruted board on the cover with glued colored stripes along with a little crochet flower. The edges have crocheted patterns.40 RON - sold

The second one has crocheted patterns on the top and on the edges ( here there is a variation of two wires ). The cover also has a cute crochet butterfly. 40 RON

09 ianuarie 2011

Crochet bell

The bell is covered with a glued crochet part, the cover has a glued crochet chain and a blue button in center, 15 RON


Each box is covered with a layer of wire, with glued parts of the snowflake, 20 RON each