08 mai 2011

Crochet handbag with pink flower

Pink seemed the only color to suit this crochet handbag.
Dimensions 18x13 cm
Leg 2x92 cm
35 RON

Tiny crochet fanny pack

I have found an old metal roulette and I thought it would be a perfect gift, so I crochetted a tiny fanny pack with a tag on the back to have it always handy on the belt.

Colorful crochet fanny pack

This colorful wire seemed perfect for a happy fanny pack to replace the classic handbag in which to carry my useful things.
It has leather buttons and two tags on the back to place it on your belt.

12 aprilie 2011

Brown gift set

A friend asked me to think about a gift set that would include very much brown wire and a special pattern: a cat. As I haven't done cats on my boxes, this was quite a challenge, so the cat came out a bit stylized.

The set included a round metal box and a square one, both wrapped in wire and crochet patterns on the bottom

two photo frames, one with wrapped wire and a crochet flower and one with glued wire that looks like a small TV with a crochet butterfly on it

and the cat box, wrapped in wire, with a crochet bottom and a glued cat made of wire and a bit of felt.

24 februarie 2011

Another flower and butterfly box

This round metal box is covered with glued wire and has on it a small flower and a butterfly. It can also be used as a vase. The cover has a glued crochet pattern.

Pink crochet necklace

This necklace has 4 crochet chains and a crochet flower. Free crochet pattern available at creativeyarn.blogspot.com 30 RON

21 februarie 2011

Pink crochet gift set

This is a gift set made for a friend, containing a box, a headband with a butterfly which also is a brooch, a bracelet and a small flower hair clipper.
The cover of the box was made by a friend and I've added a crochet part for the edge. Here are some more photos.
 The box
 The bracelet

20 februarie 2011

Crochet necklaces

While I am mostly working with a 4,50 mm crochet, my mother is patient enough as to work with some smaller ones. So she began thinking about some crochet necklaces, and this is what came out.
Black & orange flower necklace 50 RON

Black flower necklace 50 RON

Blue flower necklace 35 RON

Blue necklace with purple flower and leafs 35 RON

08 februarie 2011

Flowers and butterflies brooches

Since we've already started thinking about spring, some crochet flower and butterfly brooches would be perfect to accesorize any outfit. 10 RON each
While taking the pictures, Tom wanted to help me...

Asymmetric crochet muffler

Since this crochet muffler turned out quite asymmetric, I came up with an asymmetric flower to complement it. The flower is also a brooch, so you can use your imagination on how to wear the muffler or you can use it to accesorize a sweater, a bag.

These are only two suggestions on how to wear it. 60 RON

30 ianuarie 2011

Round metal box

This small round metal box has a layer of wire on the body and a little crochet flower in the same color. The top has a crocheted circle in two variations of wire. 25 RON

Jewerly boxes

  These jewelry boxes made out of board looked a bit rusty, especially since they were brown, so adding a bit of colour was the first step into transforming them.                                                                              

The flower box has a layer corruted board on the cover with glued colored stripes along with a little crochet flower. The edges have crocheted patterns.40 RON - sold

The second one has crocheted patterns on the top and on the edges ( here there is a variation of two wires ). The cover also has a cute crochet butterfly. 40 RON

09 ianuarie 2011

Crochet bell

The bell is covered with a glued crochet part, the cover has a glued crochet chain and a blue button in center, 15 RON


Each box is covered with a layer of wire, with glued parts of the snowflake, 20 RON each